Manufacturing Process

La Donatella is a company that successfully combines innovation and tradition. We pay particular attention to esthetics, lending a handmade feel to products that are manufactured with innovative technology.

By selecting high-quality raw materials and ingredients and using continually updated, latest-generation production equipment, we can achieve excellent results with respect to food safety and quality.

In fact, our most recent investments have been in the areas of technology (high-production tunnel oven) and food safety (checkweighers and metal detectors for the production lines).

The freezing process, proper handling of cold and frozen products, and logistics

It is universally recognized that freezing is the best method of preserving food products. By lowering the temperature of foods, they can be stored for long periods of time without losing their organoleptic (sensory) properties or requiring additional preservatives.
Our products are frozen by gradually lowering their temperature to 0 to -8°F.

The frozen products can then be shipped around the world. Due to the long shelf life (14-18 months), each product maintains the taste, aroma and appearance of a freshly prepared dessert.

La Donatella benefits from an advanced logistics network that distributes its products in the shortest time possible. By working with leading logistics platforms that are known for their organization and thoroughness, we can guarantee that our frozen products are properly handled during every step of the transport to the final destination.