At La Donatella, we believe that one of the most important steps is choosing the ingredients. In fact, we carefully evaluate their place of origin, their environmental and social sustainability and, above all, their quality, choosing only ingredients that meet the highest quality standards.

All of our suppliers are reliable partners that build a long-term relationship based on collaboration and trust, and that guarantee the certifications and traceability of the products we purchase.

In addition, we always work with local companies whenever possible.
Due to the importance we place on raw materials, we can offer high-quality products that evoke the aromas and flavors of the time-honored tradition of Italian artisan desserts.

La Donatella uses industrial methods to produce its delicacies, but still follows the handmade dessert traditions of the past. As a result, a large portion of the finishing and decorating process is still done by hand.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by our in-house Quality Control Laboratory, which carefully monitors every step of the production process to guarantee the healthiness and safety of our products.

More specifically, our Quality Control Laboratory performs the following controls on every type of product that we manufacture:

  • Microbiological and organoleptic (sensory) analysis of the raw materials, semi-processed materials and finished products to ensure that all quality standards are met;
  • Controls on the production process and flow to ensure that all procedures are followed;
  • Controls to ensure that employees follow all procedures when performing their work.